The South’s South

After a couple of weeks at the beach, we decided to head north to see some of my law school friends. On our way out of Florida, we stopped for a night at Blackwater River State Park which is located near the Florida/Alabama border. The Blackwater River is touted as one of the purest sand bottom rivers in the world and was a big hit with the kids. The dark amber colored water made Maggie a bit reluctant to venture out more than a few feet, but the kids didn’t seem bothered by it and we never did see any gators. After a full day of hiking, swimming, and a short paddle, we loaded up to see our friend Sayward and her family in Cleveland, MS.

After a long, grueling drive we arrived at a house Sayward had been kind enough to arrange for us to stay in while we were visiting. Maggie and I had never spent time in the Mississippi Delta and were excited to explore it, but unfortunately, it rained most of the time that we were in town. We were, however, able to tour some of Cleveland’s indoor sights including it’s train and GRAMMY museums and Delta State’s campus. The GRAMMY museum was very well done and had several interactive activities for the kids. As we exited through the gift shop, Liam picked out an Elvis shirt for his uncle Russ. After a month and a half of traveling, we really enjoyed the company of a good friend as well as the break from the road. Since the weather prevented us from canoeing the Mississippi River, we may have to pencil in a return visit in November! Next stop Little Rock, AR.

Thank you Sayward and family for your generosity during our stay (Liam is still talking about Holt)!

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