The Natural State – Little Rock


After a 4 day stint in the Mississippi Delta, we headed northwest to Little Rock, AR to visit our friends Campbell and Mary Claire. The rain seemed to follow us from Mississippi so we started off our tour of Little Rock with a trip to the Arkansas Museum of Discovery, which was a great interactive science museum for the kids. We killed a whole day there and still did not exhaust all the museum had to offer.  CJ, who goes by the moniker of “Dr. Nancy” from time to time, was particularly enamored with the imaginative play offered by the museum’s model veterinary hospital.

Once the weather improved, we took a hike to the top of Pinnacle Mountain, which was located just a short drive from downtown Little Rock. It wasn’t the biggest mountain in the world, but it did require a lot of bouldering/scampering which was a lot of fun for Liam and CJ and their new friends Analise and Emmaline.

We also took a few urban hikes and were really impressed with the series of parks along the Arkansas River that were linked by several pedestrian paths including the longest pedestrian only bridge in the world (Big Dam Bridge). The trails were a great asset to the city and it was nice to see that they were heavily trafficked. A big thank you to our hosts who graciously opened their home to us and to their sweet girls who Liam and CJ took such a shine to.

2 thoughts on “The Natural State – Little Rock

  1. OMG these might be my favorite pics yet! Everyone looks so happy 😊 And I LOVE how serious Dr Nancy is. She can take care of my pets anytime. Xoxo


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