Farewell Florida

IMG_3286.JPGOur first month and a half has been spent in the sunny state of Florida and we’ve loved all our stops. The last two were some of our favorites though.

Cedar Key, FL

The sleepy town of Cedar Key has been described as “The Keys 50 years ago.” It’s laid back, artsy-vibe, void of any major commercial chains made for a relaxing trip. We splurged on a private RV park where we got a spot on the water to enjoy evening paddles with the dolphins and private sunsets each night. The kids loved watching the fiddler crabs, jumping mullet fish, and observing the changing tides right from our door step.

Close by was the Lower Suwanee River National Wildlife Refuge where we learned about bats, saw wild boar, otters and turtles. Liam didn’t get a new badge, but the ranger we met was so impressed with his knowledge of wildlife, he gave Liam the only ranger paraphernalia he had…an adult sized prescribed burn shirt. Needless to say, we had to pry it off Liam after several days of him walking around looking like he was wearing wizard robes.

Also while in Cedar Key, we enjoyed a paddle to Atsena Otie Key, the original settlement, which after being ravaged by hurricanes, now only houses a 100 year old graveyard and pristine sandy beaches. It felt like we were on a deserted island in paradise…which we kind of were.

I can’t write about Cedar Key without mentioning the incredibly kind neighbors we had, Nora and Craig. If you’re reading, thank you again for being so sweet with the kids, they enjoyed some massive ice cream cones at our following stop – St. Joe’s.

St. Joseph’s Peninsula

We wrapped up our tour of Florida with on of the prettiest beaches we’ve been to, at St. Joseph’s Peninsula State Park. The skinny peninsula juts out into the gulf allowing visitors to enjoy both the bay and the beach without ever having to get in their car. The kids loved playing in the sand and clear blue water, and collecting sea shells, which were plentiful. Rick and I enjoyed a paddle out on the bay where Liam found sea urchins, sand dollars, crabs and other creatures (CJ of course took a nap in her customary napping spot…the canoe). The campground was a short stroll to the beach and the weather was excellent. We’ll definitely be going back!

4 thoughts on “Farewell Florida

  1. What great spots you found in Florida! The pictures are great. Love Liam’s shirt ❤ Where are you headed next? Can't wait to read the next post. Love to you all!


  2. Hello you all. Craig and I truly enjoyed sharing time with you all at Cedar Key. We have spent time up and down the East coast over the years, and we call certain events that are very enjoyable or meaningful to us as “having a moment” and enjoying time with your family was definitely added to our “moment” memories. Wishing you all happy trails and many more opportunities to enjoy special “moments” as well. We will keep following your travels and thank you mentioning us. Nora and Craig

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  3. Hi all! hope you received my comment regarding our thanks for mentioning the ice cream treats! Both Craig and I truly enjoyed meeting you all and spending some time at Cedar Key together. Happy trails and enjoy seeing this great country! Warmly, Nora and Craig


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