It’s pronounced Spo-CAN

We decided to break up our drive to Glacier NP by stopping in Spokane, WA. Using one of our camping apps, we landed at Wild Rose RV Park, a little north of the city. In addition to the usual perks offered at a private RV park, Wild Rose also boasted a club room with a full kitchen, TV, movies, board games, and most importantly SPACE. Our family took over the clubhouse each night with oven-cooked meals, games of Candyland, and movie screenings.  I’d be shocked if a more enthusiastic group ever descends upon the Wild Rose RV Park’s clubhouse. In addition to the clubhouse, we also took full advantage of the large kitchen garden the owners made available to guests. Maggie and the kids went out each day to pick tomatoes, lettuce, kale, cucumbers and squash that were all incorporated into the day’s meals.


When we weren’t hanging out in the clubhouse cooking up tasty dishes, we were exploring Spokane. Spokane is the second largest city in Washington and has a vibrant downtown that is centered around the Spokane River. We explored the riverfront area where the kids got to ride on the Looff Carousel (hand-carved in 1909) and got to play on the world’s largest Radio Flyer Wagon (27 feet x 12 feet). After chasing the kids around the riverfront all day, Maggie and I decided to treat ourselves to several new books at a cool, independent bookstore called Auntie’s.

The next day, we took the kids to Manito Park which is a 90-acre park that contains multiple playgrounds, a duck pond, and the most beautiful European flower garden that we’d ever seen. The garden was bursting with color from orderly rows of zinnia, marigolds, and dahlias which framed a large ornate fountain in the middle. We haven’t been to a city park with so much variety, it’s a real treasure for the people of Spokane.

I’m also happy to report that we trapped the four little stowaways that we picked up in the North Cascades and that Liam passed the rock that he swallowed. All in all, our time in Spokane was as enjoyable as it was productive.

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