Merritt Island

IMG_1657Our trip continues as we make our way down through the Sunshine State. We are so lucky to have such generous family members in such a pretty part of the state. Rick’s Aunt and Uncle live in Merritt Island where we stayed for three nights. While there, Liam scored another ranger badge at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. We saw lots of gators, shore birds, along with a raccoon and an armadillo! If you know our kids, you know they LOVE wildlife so this was a big hit with them.

A gator jumped up in the middle of these roseate spoonbills scaring them away!

Liam spent the day filling out his Junior Ranger work book and we were so enamored with all the wildlife, we lost track of time and had to race back (literally) through the refuge to get to the ranger station in time for Liam to get his badge. I’m not sure they would have unlocked the door for me, but luckily, Liam in his ranger vest is pretty hard to resist!

Liam showing off his Jr Ranger badge!


Thank you Uncle Rick and Aunt Amelia for making room for us at your home and feeding us such delicious food! Your hospitality was so appreciated!!!

3 thoughts on “Merritt Island

  1. Had a great time with all of you! Glad to be a part of your adventure! That was a great photo of the gator trying to make dinner of the spoonbills! Have fun & stay safe. Love to you all, Uncle Rick & Aunt Amelia


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