Run Before You Walk

Despite buying our travel trailer this summer, and it sitting in our driveway for at least two months after finally bringing it home, it’s taken us until the Christmas holidays to hitch it up and take it on a test run. So we figured what better way to ease into the RV lifestyle than by taking it on a 12 hour drive from Georgia to Delaware. 

We spent the first night in our trailer at a Walmart somewhere in North Carolina. After pulling in at 3am and parking next to some truckers, we weren’t in much of a state to take in our surroundings. And after another 8 hour drive the next day we were just thankful the trailer made it up to Delaware in one piece….well sort of in one piece.

It wasn’t the most glamorous first voyage, but we’re certainly getting more comfortable with the trailer and have learned a thing or two. The most important of which is that we now have a pre-departure checklist to make sure everything is in its place…We may have misconnected a few pins and left the trailer post down a time or two (whoops!) but we’re getting the hang of things!